WECA Extra Course Overview

Larrie -W2UL


WECA Extra Lesson 1 - Chapters 1 & 2

Tom -- WB2NHC

Below are both the Zoom Video recording of the Lesson and the actual PowerPoint presentation. Further down you can view and download a PDF of the Presentation

There are two videos below -- The top one is from January 4 2022 and the next is from January 2021



You can download a PDF of this presentation https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/069c84c57mfxtlr/Extra_Course_Week_1_2021-01-05.pdf?dl=1

Rules and Regulations (Chapter 3)

Pat -- KD2QYK

Here is the Power Point and the video of the Class is Below it.



Lesson 3 -- Chapter 4 Electronic Principles

Larrie W2UL

Here is the Power Point and the video of the Class is Below it.


Lesson 4 Chapter 5 -- Electrical Components

Simon KD2DOE

Scroll down to see the PowerPoint presentation and the Video of the Lesson below it. The PDF of the PowerPoint slides is below that at the click of a button


Lesson 5 - Chapter 6 -- Radio Circuits

Warren K2WD

Below is the PowerPoint and you can scroll down to see the Video Lession as it was recorded live on 


Lesson 6 Chapter 7 -- Radio Measurements and Performance


The Video of the Class is below and you can Scroll down to see the PowerPoint which follows below the video.


Lesson 7 -- Chapter 8 Modulation, Protocols, and Modes

Jon AI1V

Below is the Recorded Lecture and Below it is the PowerPoint presentation.


Lesson 8 - Chapter 9 Antennas


This Lesson has two videos but one PowerPoint


Review of All Extra Questions

2020 -2024 Question Pull

This is a PowerPoint I found on the Internet with all of the Questions from the 2020-2024 Extra License Question Pool. It is an excellent final review in test preparation.


Lesson 10 - Chap 9 Feedlines


Below the Video is the PowerPoint.

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