How to Clear Firefox Browser Cache

There are Two Methods to Clear the Cached Content in the FireFox Browser:

Method ONE:

Step-by-step guide

You can set Firefox to automatically clear the cache when Firefox closes. *NOTE: Do NOT select cookies to be deleted, this will remove logins and such every time and will cause a lot of issues for merchants.


Click the Menu Button [The 3 Horizontal Bars on the Upper Right Corner of the page] and choose Options.

Select the Privacy & Security panel.

Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data

Select the Clear Data button.

Clear Data Box

The Settings for Clear Data window will open.

Put a check mark next to Cache, and uncheck the Cookies and Site Data box.


Method Two:   Here's another way to clear the Firefox cache:

Click the Library button  , click History and click Clear Recent History

Next to Time range to clear, choose Everything from the drop-down menu,

Select the Cache checkbox in the items list,

Make sure other items you want to keep are not selected and then click the OK button


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